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January 30, 2015 Press Release

NOTE: The FINAL DECISION by the San Diego City Council has been delayed from Monday, November 17th to Monday, February 9, 2015 at 2pm at City Hall, 202 C St, Downtown

Preserve Point Loma is a grassroots organization of citizens that oppose the Point Loma Summit subdivision, which is detrimental to our community character and quality of life.

Please send your letter in opposition, email or call San Diego City Council members TODAY! Mail Letters to: Councilmembers at City Administration Bldg, MS10A, 202 C St, San Diego, CA 92101.
Please send a copy of your letter to: Preserve Point Loma, 2907 Shelter Island Dr. #105-425, San Diego, CA 92106 or Email a pdf to: info@preservepointloma.org.
Download PDF Petition

Councilmember Phone E-Mail Address
District 2 Lorie Zapf (Pt. Loma) 619-236-6622 loriezapf@sandiego.gov
District 1 Sherri Lightner 619-236-6611 sherrilightner@sandiego.gov
District 3 Todd Gloria 619-236-6633 toddgloria@sandiego.gov
District 4 Myrtle Cole 619-236-6644 myrtlecole@sandiego.gov
District 5 Mark Kersey 619-236-6655 markkersey@sandiego.gov
District 6 Chris Cate 619-236-6616 chriscate@sandiego.gov
District 7 Scott Sherman 619-236-6677 scottsherman@sandiego.gov
District 8 David Alvarez 619-236-6688 davidalvarez@sandiego.gov
District 9 Marti Emerald 619-236-6699 martiemerald@sandiego.gov


Preserve Point Loma

E-mail: info@preservepointloma.org - 619-573-5230